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From: Francis Ochoco, First Ever eBay Entrepreneur Of The Year


Dear Friend,


We are in a recession so let's cut to the chase and get started with improving your financial situation.


(I'm not going to bore you here with who I am but just in case you have never heard of me, you can scroll down to the bottom of this page and read my mini bio)


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“What Does This eBay Course Teach?”


Here is a quick break down of what you will learn:


----How to make bucket loads of money per month with eBay Classified Ads.


----How to earn a passive income by selling info products (even after the new eBay digital rules).


----How to build a "dynasty" similar to "WalMart" by building a lucrative wholesale/retail business on eBay.


----How to design your own shirts and get them dropshipped to customers.


----The best way to sell antiques and collectibles on eBay.


----How to conquer the auto parts market, which is one of the hottest product categories on eBay right now.


----How to sell event tickets profitably on eBay (and how to get tickets to the hottest events before they go on sale).


----How to dominate the cell phone market on eBay.


----How to buy and sell real estate on eBay (without even having to visit the property!)


----How to make quick cash by auctioning off URL links (legally).


----How to buy websites for less than $1 on eBay and then use them to generate passive streams of income every month!


----How to make money on eBay without listing a single item!


----How to make easy money by tearing up books and magazines and then selling the pages separately on eBay.


---How to play the eBay arbitrage game.


----How to do joint ventures on eBay.



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The "eBay Millionaire" book is the perfect complement to the Map!  You will learn:


----How to make your eBay business run on auto-pilot.


----Why some PowerSellers who work less than 10 hours per week make more money than PowerSellers who work more than 10 hours per day.


----How to set up your business so that you can hire employees to easily do all the work for you.



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To Your Success,



 Francis Ochoco

a.k.a. "The Auction Executive"

World’s First eBay Entrepreneur Of The Year



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About Francis Ochoco

A recipient of the first ever eBay Entrepreneur Of The Year Award, Francis has been featured on TV, and newspaper and magazine articles sharing his success story. 

Francis is well known among the eBay community for the speed in which he built a successful eBay business, and is now teaching people how to duplicate his success.

He has the uncanny ability to sell items at prices over 100% higher than that of competitors selling the exact same items...  consistently